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PAWG We can be friends but only if you eat ASS

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PAWG We can be friends but only if you eat

We can be friends but only if you eat ASS

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30 thoughts on “PAWG We can be friends but only if you eat ASS”

  1. Well let’s solidify our new friendship by letting me bury my face between those voluptuous cheeks

  2. Ok. So what you’re saying is you and I are gonna be BFFs.. That’s what I’m hearing. Because I’m not just gon a eat your ass. I’m going to devour your ass, in it’s entirety. ALL of it. I am a fucking gluttonous sex addicted degenerate. So don’t think for sec that you got too much ass for the kind of appetite I have. I would taste every fuckin inch of your body. No left overs. Im gorging on you. I will eat you straight up the center. From your pussy, to your heart. My kind of Happy meal. And after you’re a chewed up, cum spewing heap of hot flesh, on the floor, the bed, the roof.. Where doesn’t matter. But once you hit that state, the feast is concluded.πŸ‘…πŸ’¦What a meal!πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Oh, but it only means that I’m done feeding. Now it’s time to FUCK. I may be a gluttonous eater. But when it comes to fucking. If I had my way. I would never ever stop. I only cum when I make the conscious decision that it’s time. Nifty superpower. I love it. But what I love more is when I scoop what is left of you up so I can gently place you on the bed. You need rest after tonight. But the night is nowhere near over. So, skip the gentle placement. So, either u already on the bed, or I’m already in the process of bludgeoning your insides with my cock. I will happily fuck you in half. I’ll plant my cock so fucking deep, it will take root! I’ll tickle the bottom of your heart right before I thoroughly displace your internal organs. Wtv is behind your bellybutton is getting beat the fuck up. I sometimes get a bit vicious when I fuck. Something primal. That just wants to fuck you to death. Now that’s way I wanna die.

    RIP. us

    Hell better be prepared. Because I’ve always wanted to fuck a Succubus. I’ll settle for a regular demon though. Idgaf, just toss me one of them lil fire imp sluts. Extra points the more they look like Midna. Don’t fake judge me. Anyone who played Twilight Princess knows what’s up. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Hey, I did say that I was a degenerate. πŸ’―



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